MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A report by the Food and Drug Administration report is exposing gruesome details inside the rodent-infested Family Dollar warehouse in West Memphis.

WREG investigators dug into a 21-page report from the FDA following recent revelations. From March to September of 2021, they said over 2,300 live rodents were captured in the facility.

This January, a pest company removed over a 1,000 rodent carcasses from the warehouse in just a five day span.

This video obtained by WREG last month, showed rats gone rogue inside the Family Dollar Distribution Center in West Memphis.

“It’s like they’ll really be walking on the side of you that’s how bad it was,” the employee said.

An employee who wanted to remain anonymous told WREG conditions are improving since the voluntary recall shutdown of 404 stores across six states. But they said for months, complaints went unheard.

According to the report, the store was aware of an increased presence of rodents since January 2020.

Reports indicate the general manager said dozens of rats were running around as alarms sounded for a fire drill.

“It’s like they wasn’t scared they were out there with us,” the employee told us. “So basically they could have been working with us. That was very disturbing.”

The FDA inspection started on January 11. Inspectors used the phrasing “TNTC” multiple times, meaning “too numerous to count” when referring to rat droppings found in the shipping area.

It mentions both live and dead rodents, rat urine, permeating odors of dead and decaying rodents, nesting rats, dead birds and gnawed-open products.

Rat pellets (excrement) were found around cases of many items including: pasta, canned nuts, dog food, chest rub and toothpaste.

The FDA even noted issues with cleaning up the mess. Reports said the company did not remove drugs such as infant and children’s Tylenol while fumigating.

“We steady cleaning but we not cleaning it right way so there still might be some in there dead and still might be some in the product,” an employee said.

The filth now reaching the federal level. They’re hoping to finally be acknowledged.

“It’s getting better. It could be better but before that it wasn’t safe to work there but people come because we got to make a living,” an employee told us.

The anonymous employee tells us two warehouse managers have been fired since the investigation started.