MEMPHIS, Tenn.– A 19-year-old charged with shooting a 16-year-old outside a Moscow, Tennessee convenience store is now also accused of shooting two people in Hardeman County.

Taki Walker remains in the Fayette County jail on a $100,000. He is facing attempted murder charges for a shooting in Moscow, Tennessee

As we reported Wednesday, Walker was apprehended after a high-speed chase in Fayette County and a search of his home turned up drugs, cash, and a large number of weapons and ammunition.

The stash surprised even seasoned Fayette County Deputies.

“We knew that there was the possibility of weapons that were going to be involved. We just didn’t know the amount of firepower that was going to be there,” said Ray Garcia, Fayette County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy.

Thursday, WREG learned if and when Walker makes bond, he will be charged with two counts of attempted second-degree murder by the Hardeman County Sheriff’s Department.

A law enforcement source who wants to remain anonymous told WREG Walker is wanted for his part in a shooting that took place in late July at a city park in Grand Junction, Tennessee.

We’re told at least two people were wounded in that incident. One of the victims remains hospitalized.

We were unable to reach the Grand Junction Police Chief and the Mayor of Grand Junction declined to comment on the incident because it is still under investigation.

Several people we spoke with say they recall hearing upwards of a dozen gunshots and seeing numerous ambulances and law enforcement officers, but no one would go on camera.

We’re told Walker was supposed to have made bond Wednesday in Fayette County but at last check, he’s still in jail there.

Officials confirmed they do show a hold placed on him for Hardeman County.

We’re told other suspects are being sought regarding the Grand Junction incident. We were unable to get a copy of the warrant or affidavit of complaint against Walker In Hardeman County because he has not been served.