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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The father of a woman that was carjacked and shot in the parking lot of an Olive Branch Walmart has questions about the store’s response, or lack thereof.

The family commended Olive Branch police and those at the Regional One that have cared for that young woman. 

Police said this happened Sunday night in the store’s parking lot when three men where trying to steal the victim’s car.

Her father spoke to WREG as she recovers in the hospital.

“She’s a fighter. She’s a very very strong girl. She’s an amazing girl,” he said.“She’s a good kid. She didn’t deserve this.”

He said she’s just two weeks away from her 21st birthday and he believes she was followed to the store because of one thing.

“It’s all about her car. She had a Charger,” he said.

A car they say she worked hard for and loved. Now love is being extended to her and her family from the entire Olive Branch community with one exception. 

“People have given us prayers. Walmart hasn’t picked the phone up to see if my daughter is dead or alive. They don’t even know. Nor do they care,” he said.

As they await answers and pray for full recovery, they know she’s not alone in any of this.

“The people that responded to her have been amazing. This whole community has come together for her,” he said.

The family says her car was recovered in the Memphis area.

Police haven’t confirmed that or released any additional information to WREG at this time.

Walmart did send us a statement saying any information would need to come from law enforcement and that they are cooperating with law enforcement in their investigation.