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MARION, Ark. (WREG)– A Mid-South father is speaking out after weeks of frustration and anger. Rodney Hall is upset that Shanterria Montgomery, the woman accused of killing his 8-year-old daughter, is able to walk the streets. 

Ja’Myiah Hall

“I got to be the voice of my child,” Hall said.

Montgomery was released from jail on a $350,000 bond back in April after prosecutors say she shot and killed Ja’Myiah Hall. 

“I think she don’t deserve a bond,” Rodney Hall said.

Investigators say it happened in Marion in the Sherwood Cove area while Ja’Myiah was playing outside with friends. They say Montgomery, who lives nearby, got into a fight with someone else and fired a shot and unintentionally hit Ja’Myiah. 

“Whole life ahead of her. I wanted to go to her prom, see her graduate and they took that from me,” Rodney Hall said. “Due to the fact that grown people didn’t know how to come to an agreement and solve they problems that they had to go pick up a weapon.”

Investigators couldn’t tell us which judge set Montgomery’s bond. So, we tried to reach the public defender representing her but haven’t heard back. Either way, the 24-year-old is due in court next week where Ja’Myiah’s family will be waiting.

“I feel like I just want justice. That’s all I want for my baby. I don’t want to hurt nobody. I don’t want nobody else to get hurt. Put down the guns. Let’s just live our life. That’s what I want to do,” Rodney Hall said. “Fly high baby girl. The family got you.”

Montgomery actually bonded out of jail a second time after violating her bond conditions. The amount didn’t change but she now has to wear an ankle monitor.