MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WREG) — Where is Tamia Taylor? That’s the question on law enforcement and loved ones’ minds Monday as they search for clues as to where the mother of two could be.

Loved ones are desperate for answers as they search for the young mother, who disappeared after she went on a riverboat cruise in downtown Memphis over the weekend.

“We all out here because we love her, we care about her. We want her to return. Whether she comes back alive or whether I have to bury her, I need closure because I am hurting,” said her mother Debra Taylor.

It was supposed to be a big, 21st milestone birthday weekend for Tamia. 

“That’s all she had talked about all evening, all week, coming out, celebrating. No, I didn’t want her to come. Why? It was a mother’s intuition and look what happened,” Debra said.

But what happened remains the question.

Memphis Police issued a City Watch Alert early Sunday morning. They said Tamia got on a boat with three other friends on Saturday, but when the boat docked Tamia could not be located. 

“No one knows anything, and I don’t understand how,” her mother said. “The only thing they told me was she went upstairs on the second floor to use the bathroom. She put her phone down on the table, we picked her phone up, we went and waited by the door for her to come out and then we left. Why would you leave? That makes no sense.”

Debra believes people know more than they’re letting on. She’s making it a mission to get answers.

“This is not nothing that we’re going to let go as if she was a nobody because she’s a somebody and if no one cares, I care,” she said.

Memphis Police said they are still searching for Tamia and investigating. If you think you know anything, call Memphis Police at 901-545-2677.