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MEMPHIS, Tenn.– Family and friends are preparing to say a final farewell to the Memphis mother and newborn police say were tragically killed by the child’s father earlier this month.

Saturday, Danielle Hoyle’s casket will close for a final time, leaving her 9-year-old daughter and family in a world of hurt.

Hoyle’s mother April Campbell has been searching for answers since the 27-year-old was killed on February 1.

“I been dreading this day,” she said. “It’s hard tomorrow will be the last day I see my baby and my baby is supposed to be burying me.”

Memphis Police said Hoyle was lured to Whitehaven by 25-year-old Brandon Isabelle who shot her in the head and later admitted to tossing to their 2-day-old baby girl Kennedy in the Mississippi River.

Isabelle pleaded not guilty on all charges including two counts of first degree murder.

Police suspended the search for Kennedy pending any new leads.

“I get so many people asking me do I think she is still alive. I don’t know, but if she is I want her home with me. They need to give her back if somebody has her,” Campbell said.

Campbell said she had a bear made with a beating heartbeat to symbolize baby Kennedy.

“We put it inside Danielle’s casket so she wouldn’t be alone,” she said.

Inside the obituary is a poem titled “Why Daddy Why?” with the painful words “Even if you didn’t want me or my mommy, we didn’t deserve to die. You shot my mommy and threw me in the river. How Could you daddy? Why?”

“Why Daddy Why?” poem by Velda Boyland Austin

“I just need answers, that’s all I want answers. Nobody deserves to die like that,” Campbell said.

The funeral will be held tomorrow at noon at Brown Baptist Church in Southaven.