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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis Police say a family pet turned on its owner Tuesday morning, as he tried to separate dogs inside an apartment.

UPDATE: Memphis Animal Services said the dog has been surrendered to their custody. MAS said that because the dog did bite the owner and it broke the skin, they are legally required to hold him on a 10 day rabies observation quarantine. MAS said they will determine at a later date if euthanasia is the appropriate outcome.

It was an attack so vicious, it left neighbors shaken, and so violent, it left a man begging for help.

The victim was even holed up inside a bathroom, following the grisly attack.

The dog that went on the attack, named Bear, was stabbed to death by the woman inside the apartment as she tried to defend her family.

Memphis Police were called to the Washington Manor apartments, just off Belz Boulevard, to rescue a man who managed to find refuge inside his apartment bathroom after a dog attack.

As it turns out a second pit bull, a female, may have been in heat and that’s when things took an unexpected turn.

The surviving pit bull had to be removed by animal control.

It’s disturbing on many levels as neighbors say several kids were inside the apartment when the attack happened.  The children managed to escape.

After 11 stitches, the man is expected to recover.

We have reached out to Animal Control, to see if the surviving pit bull would have to be euthanized. We are still waiting for a response.