MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The family of Martez Abram, the man found guilty of killing two Walmart employees, says they are going through a difficult time after Abram was sentenced to death.

A Desoto County jury came to a decision after a week of hearing witness testimonies and viewing evidence.

Prosecutors described Abram as a disgruntled employee who was angry after being suspended for showing a knife to a fellow Walmart employee. They said Abram went to the Southaven store, killed two of his managers and injured a police officer who tried to stop him.

Ultimately, the jury voted unanimously to sentence him to death.

While the verdict is being celebrated by some, his family is left processing the thought of his death.

“This ranks as number three of the worst things that could have ever happened in my life,” said Machel Parks.

Machel was, at one time, Abram’s stepmother, but says she still views him as a son. She acknowledges his wrongdoings, but believes the punishment was unjust.

“What about nationwide when there have been mass murders that have not got the death penalty? What about those that killed children and innocent babies and those things? what about that,” Machel asked.

While Abram has been sentenced to death, it is something Desoto County District Attorney Robert Morris says he doesn’t take lightly.

“I certainly don’t relish in the fact that someone is going to lose their life. However, this case was the most egregious case I have ever seen as far as the methodical approach that was taken to the murder,” said Morris.

“Pay close attention. Just as the Abram family now going through this today, it could be you tomorrow,” said Machel.

At this time, Abram’s family says they have not determined if they will appeal the death sentence.

It is worth mentioning that Abram did apologize for his actions in court.