MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A family is demanding that Memphis Police be held accountable after four of their loved ones were arrested.

The family says this is a case of mistaken identity but despite the alleged error by Memphis Police, the four family members were arrested, which sparked protests Sunday evening.

The calls for accountability sounded off in Memphis as protesters yelled, “No justice, no peace” and “MPD are criminals, MPD are criminals”.

The four family members say this all started when they reached out to Memphis Police Department on Saturday for assistance.

“Me personally, I’ll never call the cops again,” said Ibrahim Mahmoud, who was arrested by MPD.

Mahmoud says his cousin, Jamil Ibrahim, called the police after finding a bag of bullets at their business in Hickory Hill. When officers arrived they started questioning Ibrahim and informed him that he had an active warrant, which started an altercation.

In a video reviewed by WREG, an officer is caught on camera striking Ibrahim in the face and throwing him into boxes, despite his hands being behind his back.

“Every single last one of them, to me, they’re just hired thugs. They’re criminals that get the badge,” Mahmoud said.

Ibrahim was taken into custody and charged with two counts of assault against a first responder. Officers also charged three of his relatives with disorderly conduct after investigators say they declined to follow orders.

“I didn’t even know what I got booked for until I was fingerprinted and pictured inside,” Mahmoud said. “They didn’t tell me what they were taking me for, they didn’t tell me if I had a warrant or nothing. My record is clean.”

As for the warrant that MPD said Ibrahim had, it doesn’t appear to be current. 

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Last year a previous warrant was served and the case is going through the judicial system, leaving many to question the arrest of the four family members.

“If they’re doing it to me, they’re gonna do it to you, they’re gonna do it to you, they’re gonna do it to him, him. It’s not gonna stop,” Mahmoud said.

WREG has reached out to MPD, who says this incident is still under investigation.

All four men were released from jail Sunday morning, but Ibrahim had to post a bond. The family members say they plan on taking legal action and may release the video this week.