MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The family of Elvin and Roberto Nunez chanted outside a Raleigh Police precinct, wanting the woman responsible for their deaths to face charges.

“We can’t get any help from anyone, and we need help today,” said Katina Nunez, the wife of Elvin Nunez.

Katina says she’s been pushing for help since her husband was killed back in September.

She says her husband and his brother, Roberto, were working construction at a home off White Station and Sequoia when a driver jumped the curb, plowing into them.

Katina says the woman behind the wheel was excessively speeding and believes she was under the influence. 

“She has not been arrested. She does not have one charge. We demand justice. My husband and my brother-in-law were killed. We demand justice. We have children,” said Katina.

Frustrated by the lack of answers so far in the case, the family says they won’t give up. 

Katina said, “We can’t get any peace or closure, us as a family, until we get some kind of justice.” So, they’ll keep chanting, until the person responsible is held accountable. 

WREG reached out to Memphis Police about the case, they told us they’re looking into our request.

But when we’ve asked the department about it in the past, they’ve told us “This is still an active investigation.”