MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Family and friends came together Sunday to remember a Memphis mother of eight who was shot and killed.

A weekend that’s supposed to be filled with joy has turned into sorrow for those who knew and loved Marquicha Thomas.

Loved ones met just off the banks of the Mississippi River to remember Thomas. Thomas was killed last week, when police say her boyfriend, Bryon Pipkin, shot her and dragged her body into the garage and drove off.

“They don’t know, when they take a loved one, they don’t know how much it really hurt to lose my only daughter I have,” Thomas’s father, Marcus Brisco, said.

Prior to Brisco’s child being taken away, he says the warning signs were there, and his deepest fear came true last week.

“I had told her, I said if a man beating on you, pulling guns on you, sooner or later he gone kill you and I’m gone have to bury you, and it went just like I said,” Brisco said.

Pipkin ended up being arrested after a tip led officers to a South Memphis motel, where they took him into custody.

“Please get out,” Brisco said. “If he fighting you, pulling guns on you, get out the relationship, cause sooner or later, like I told my daughter, he is going to kill you.”

Despite what led up to her death, loved ones are choosing to remember her as the light she was.

Pipkin has been charged with first degree murder, among other charges.