MEMPHIS, Tenn. — For the first time, we are hearing from the family of one of the victims killed in last week’s shooting spree. It left three people dead, and three others injured.

Among those killed was 62-year-old Richard Clark, a beloved retired correctional officer. WREG spoke his family and has more on how he’s being remembered.

“I’m still hurt that he’s gone because he shouldn’t be gone, he should be here right now with, just with us. To take all this in its a lot,” Aubrey Miller Jr., Richard’s nephew said.

The family now grapples with the reality of losing a loved one.

“It’s hard to imagine that this has happened to him,” Sharmeen Miller, Richard’s niece said.

Richard Clark stopped at a gas station to buy a drink, little did he know, it would become his last ride. Investigators said he was shot and killed by a teen on a rampage, which left two other dead and multiple people shot.

“I was already hurt for the people who had to deal with this not knowing that I’m the ones who had to deal with this as well, me and my family as well,” Aubrey Miller Jr. said.

Clark spent several years working as a correctional officer and most recently at Christian Brother’s University as a security guard. Family members said he was much more than his badge.

“He had a kind, humble, gentle spirit and that is something that everybody don’t possess. I have to recognize that,” Sharmeen Miller said.

Officials have identified 19-year-old, Ezekiel Kelly, as the person responsible for his death. It is still troubling to many since no motive has been determined yet.

“When you find 19 years old don’t have no kind of morals, just killing folks, it’s something wrong with the picture,” Aubrey Miller Sr., Richard’s brother said.

A picture that has left a void in this family’s life after the tragic death of Richard Clark. 

“I’m still in disbelief. I know that with all of us together this too shall pass but it will never be forgotten.”

Kelly has not been formally charged in connection to Clark’s killing but that could change by the time he appears in court again on September 13. Kelly has been remanded to custody.