BROWNSVILLE, Tenn. — People in Brownsville and Haywood County are preparing to say goodbye to a woman many called a pillar of the community.

Eighty-one-year-old Warlene “Sis” Turner-Jones was murdered on August 1st, killed when bullets were fired into her Brownsville home.

Angela Jones is full of so many unanswered questions regarding the murder of her mother.

“Who would want to do this to an elderly lady who loved her community, who loved people?” Jones said. “She was just full of life and we just don’t understand why.”

Turner-Jones was shot several times on the night of August 1st while she sat in her home. The bullets piercing her house were fired by someone still on the run.

She had enough strength to call 911. Police Chief Kelvin Evans immediately recognized Turner-Jones’ name as a longtime friend and rushed to the scene.

Police found no sign of a burglary or robbery.

“We found several shots through the back door,” Evans said. “At that time I knew it was intentional, it was targeted and that’s when I made the decision to contact TBI.”

The woman was still alive and being treated by paramedics when Jones arrived, begging to see her mother.

“I said, ‘That’s my mother. I just want her to know that I’m here. She’s not by herself,'” Jones said.

Turner-Jones died just before she was about to be airlifted to Memphis. Her death has sparked outrage in Brownsville and Haywood County.

“We will work this case until we get somebody in handcuffs,” Evans said.

“Sis” was devoted to her church and loved gardening but was probably best known for her ability as a seamstress. While her family wants justice, they are willing to forgive.

“Because that’s what our mother would want us to do, to forgive in order to move on to heal,” Jones said.

The search for whoever fired the fatal shots has taken top priority, and Governor Lee recently announced a donation of $10,000 in reward money to help in the effort.

Homegoing services for Turner-Jones have been announced. There will be a public memorial service Saturday in the Haywood High School gym starting at noon. The funeral will follow at Brownsville Memorial Gardens on Highway 70 East.