MEMPHIS, Tenn. — First a rodent infestation, and now hundreds of Family Dollar employees will soon be jobless after the company announced it will be shutting down its distribution center in West Memphis.

WREG has been looking into this story for months. We spoke with one employee who said while this came as a shocker to some. He saw the writing on the warehouse walls.

Just months after WREG shared unbelievable images of rodents inside the Family Dollar distribution center in West Memphis, the company announced it is pulling the plug on the warehouse this fall.

Jonathan Casey worked at the warehouse.

“It should have really been shut down a long time ago,” Casey said.

He was there in February when the FDA issued a warning alerting the public that items from food, to medical products and cosmetics were possibly contaminated.

After thousands of live and decaying rodents, dead birds and droppings were found in the facility.

“Since we fumigated the building work hasn’t been picking back up,” Casey said.

In an emailed statement, Family Dollar told us it’s leaving the 30-year-old facility because it is no longer adequate for them to serve the needs and requirements of stores and customers.

West Memphis Mayor Marco McClendon said he was shocked to get this letter from the company. It said the 230 employees will be separated from the company by July 17, with the remaining 90 employees let go by mid-October.

“For the time being Family Dollar has offered severance packages for those who may be eligible as well as other jobs at other places and they do have another facility pretty much close to this area that they may transfer some of those individuals as well,” Mayor McClendon said.

McClendon said he immediately contacted the governor and state lawmakers, including State Rep. Reginald Murdock.

“We’re coming together with our workforce division in Little Rock along with the Mayor of West Memphis Marco McClendon and his workforce team,” State Rep. Murdock said. “To bring you relief for immediate concerns and hopefully long-term remedy.”

While the state of Arkansas is suing Family Dollar for unethical business practices, Casey said in the long run its the employees who will suffer.

“They gone be straight regardless so now its up to use to figure out how we gone.. make it through this,” Casey said.

As for the future of the building, Mayor McClendon said the city has already been in contact with businesses about moving into the facility.