MEMPHIS, Tenn. — No one seems to be immune to car break-ins that have been happening around the city of Memphis, even those attending funerals.

This comes after a family’s vehicle was broken into while visiting Memphis to attend a funeral service last month at Family Funeral Care.

“I will never be back to Memphis,” the victim said. “For somebody to go to a place of mourning and break into a vehicle and cause more stress, that is just ridiculous.”

Memphis Police say someone broke into the family’s Ford Explorer and stole a Michael Kors purse, which contained a wallet with several credit and debit cards. Minutes after the theft, the suspects allegedly used the cards to buy more than $8,000 worth of items at Sam’s Club.

Surveillance footage shows what appears to be two females exiting a maroon sedan and entering the store.

“I can tell you they were in the right place if I would have caught them ’cause they would have needed to be there,” the victim said.

So far this year, there have been nearly 7,000 auto thefts, compared to this same time last year when Memphis had just over 2,700.

“I use to enjoy coming up there Memphis. Of course, my cousin passed away, use to go up there and visit him,” the victim said. “He’s gone, I’ll never come back.”

The funeral home declined to comment on the situation and referred WREG to a marketing person who has yet to respond.