MEMPHIS, Tenn. —  Families of loved ones buried at the Hollywood Cemetery are upset after discovering that the cemetery conditions remain less than desirable.

Families reached out to WREG saying they feel their loved ones are being disrespected because of the condition of the Hollywood Cemetery on Hernando Road in South Memphis.

WREG saw tombstones buried in shrubs and headstones in between overgrown weeds and broken furniture.  The conditions at  Hollywood Cemetery, along with nearby Rose Hill and Mt. Carmel cemeteries, have been rough for quite some time.

WREG came out here in April of 2021 answering similar concerns from other family members. Back in 2015, a body was dumped here.

The City of Memphis says the properties have been in environmental court for a few years, but the judge has yet to decide who is responsible for maintaining them.  

We’re told it usually falls on the county, but when the court reached out and asked for assistance in maintaining the three locations, the city decided to help out.  Workers come and clean up and mow the grass periodically, but it’s not immediately clear how often.

Families are now waiting for the next hearing and are hoping for a judge to make a ruling. Meanwhile, the City says it will have a ground services team check out the cemeteries on Friday.