MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Resolution appears to be coming for some grieving families who have loved ones buried at the Galilee Cemetery near Bartlett.

The families have been in a years-long lawsuit over the conditions of the burial grounds, and they may now be weeks away from finally getting compensation.

The history of problems at Galilee dates back more than 15 years graves left unmarked, bodies stacked on one another, the ground so unkempt that families couldn’t even visit. When the cemetery owners went pretty much bankrupt, the families sued funeral homes that used Galilee.

After years of court fights, a $10 million settlement was reached. For years, families have been waiting for settlement money.

As late as last month, families were contacting WREG, wondering what is going on with the settlement that centers around this cemetery.

Attorney Howard Manis has been representing families waiting for their share of a $10 million settlement. One year ago when WREG spoke with him, he explained delays in the case as they tried to verify the 2,400 people who filed to be claimants in the suit.

He said they also had to decide which survivors would actually get the funds.

“If you don’t have any living parents, you then start going to brothers and sisters, and then after that, you start going further down, beyond that,” Manis said. “So, you can see how, as you move down the that chain, it gets more difficult.”

But recently Manis sent us a statement saying, “We expect an order from the Court in the coming weeks regarding the number of approved decedent claims. Once the order has been entered on the total number of approved claims, a future order will be entered by the court regarding the disbursement process.”

That means families that have been waiting for years may finally have compensation for their grief.

The lawsuit settlement was around $10 million, but a large part of that money will go to attorneys’ fees.