MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The family of a man who was shot during a citywide shooting rampage, and whose shooting was broadcasted on Facebook Live, is opening up about his recovery.

It was an image that shocked a city and social media: a gunman entering an AutoZone store and opening fire on the first person he sees.

We now know that man was Rodolfo Berger. Berger’s daughter Jenny talked with WREG by phone now, nine days after that tragic shooting.

Jenny says her dad is still in the intensive care unit. She says he is doing great and has been able to stand on his own two feet the last few days, and some physical therapy has really helped him.

Berger was apparently the only one hit by gunfire when Ezekiel Kelly allegedly went into AutoZone firing last Wednesday.

Jenny says the bullet hit her father’s intestines.

She says, “He’s suffering, but he’s a strong man and he is hanging in there.” She also says “he’s an absolute survivor from this nightmare.”

Berger is a survivor. Three other people were shot and killed during the shooting rampage.

A GoFundMe has been set up to help with Berger’s medical care and words of encouragement have flooded Facebook, where Jenny has been giving updates on her dad’s condition.

She says he’s undergone three surgeries.

As for the shooting rampage that terrorized the city, Jenny says Rodolfo is aware of what happened. She says he never lost consciousness that night, even after being shot.

She says he gave first responders his cell phone password and telling them to contact his daughter and loved ones.

She posts her father has expressed his love for life and everyone in his life.

Jenny also tells us her father has been in good spirits. She says right now doctors are trying to make sure his wounds heal and there is no infection.