UPDATE: The lanes are now open after being shut down for over 12 hours.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Interstate 40 near Forrest City, Arkansas was shut down Monday after a truck hauling diesel fuel exploded on the interstate.

It happened just after 3 p.m. along the eastbound lanes.

Arkansas State Police said a total of three vehicles were involved in the crash, and two of them were commercial carrier trucks.

At least one person was trapped in the crash, police said. ARDOT officials later confirmed that one person died in the crash and the weather played a part in the crash.

“It appears weather was certainly a factor in this,” ARDOT Spokesman Dave Parker said. “It was a horrible accident. 13 vehicles involved. I believe eight tractor trailers. Two other trucks and three non-commercial vehicles.”

It is still unclear if a car stopped or hydroplaned, but whatever happened set off a chain reaction accident and a traffic nightmare for drivers.

“There was some damage to the overpass there,” Parker said. “Damage to the roadway caused by the heat from the fire and from the explosion. We got it temporarily repaired enough to get some of the roadway open to get traffic flowing.”

Arkansas State Police told WREG around 8:25 p.m. that all westbound lanes are open to traffic but they are continuing to investigate and clear the eastbound lanes.

Videos show a huge traffic backup due to the fire.

Driver Robbyn Abedi and a friend were on the way back from a hiking trip in Arkansas when he saw flames 50 to 100 feet high. A trooper directed them to safety by telling them to drive in reverse.

“It was something surreal to look at. It was so much smoke. We kind of crest the hill, and saw it was just a pile of trucks,” he said. “If we would’ve been three minutes earlier, we would’ve been in that.”

There has been no word on any other injuries. ARDOT also warns drivers that it could be days before repairs are made on the interstate.

“We are now working on a full repair schedule, but we know it’s going to take at least two full nights of work,” Parker said. “But we will not shut down the interstate for that.”