MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Recently expelled Tennessee representative Justin J Pearson is back home and WREG caught up with him to discuss his next steps and his re-election campaign.

Sunday morning, former representative Justin J. Pearson was back in the 86th district in Memphis, and it was his first time back in the Bluff City since being expelled from his elected position.

He was the guest pastor at the Church on the River in downtown Memphis on Sunday.

He says he hopes to head back to Nashville soon to do the work of the people who elected him. However, it is now up to the Shelby County Commission to decide if that will happen.

“I want to be reappointed as soon as possible to be able to serve District 86 as the voters just said in the primary and general election that they voted for me too,” Pearson said.

Some on the Shelby County Commission say they are committed to the move as well, but they have also noted funding threats from the state government if Pearson is re-appointed. Pearson said he hopes the commissioners cannot be bought.

“I believe there are some courageous county commissioners I believe there are some people who understand the will of the people matters and the bullying, the tactics of the state legislature even in this moment should tell us something about the way that place operates and why we have to send people there to change it,” Pearson said.

Regardless of what the county commission decided to do, Pearson says he will be running for re-election. He says unfortunately because of the action in Nashville — it’s going to cost taxpayers here at home.

“Shelby County is going to have to pass a resolution to spend a million dollars on this election. the same county commission I am hopeful will reappoint us will then have to spend that money and hope that the state reimburses us,” Pearson said.

“While Pearson has already launched his re-election campaign, he was at the church Sunday to speak about resurrection,” Pearson said.

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“Even in moments where it seems we are being crucified where it seems that justice or hope or love or the things that we care about the people that we care about are being crucified, there is always this promise of a prophecy that we will all be resurrected,” Pearson said.

Pearson says he doesn’t regret the actions that got him suspended and would do it again.