MEMPHIS, Tenn. — With cooler weather moving in, many will be cranking up those thermostats to stay warm. Energy experts say expect to pay slightly more this season, but how much exactly?

Memphis Light, Gas, and Water customers can expect their bills to increase by 5 to 10 percent, compared to this time last year.

The increase comes despite the Tennessee Valley Authority saying the cost of fuel will decrease month-to-month.

“There are just a number of things as we move into the winter, there are a number of things that our customer can do,” Gale Jones Carson with MLGW said. “That amount is going to be different for each customer cause it depends on their energy consumption, their home, how weatherized their home is.”

The TVA tells WREG the main two components that determine how high a bill gets are usage and fuel cost. In an effort to help customers save this winter, they released the following tips:

  • Seal windows and doors to ensure your home is properly insulated
  • Make the switch to LED light bulbs
  • Replace your air filters 
  • Consider setting your thermostat to 68

“Those are some of the energy measures that we would recommend,” Carson said. “The last few that I mentioned are very low-cost energy measures for our customers to help them control energy consumption by lowering the cost of their utility bill.”

Among the ways MLGW has been preparing for this upcoming winter is by reopening customer services centers and working on its five-year infrastructure plan.

As we continue to work on that it’s hardening our system and hopefully, we should have less outages and shorter outages as we continue to work on our plan,” Carson said.