MEMPHIS, Tenn. — WREG Investigators have uncovered employment files for Alissa McCommon, a now former teacher accused of raping a child in Tipton County, unveiling a conversation she had with the superintendent.

The conversation was documented and stored at Tipton County Schools.

Police arrested her on September 8 after they said she sent inappropriate photos and requested sexual relations with multiple victims under the age of 18.

Two weeks before the arrest, WREG Investigators found out the superintendent asked McCommon about it, stating, “I am hearing from a mother about pictures that you have sent to boys and allegations about you having sex with boys.”

McCommon responded, “I’m a little freaked out,” adding, “I know I’ve sent some snaps like in a bathing suit or a low tank top. I deleted everything. I don’t care if my phone is checked.”

She said she “taught” the boys, and when the superintendent asked again about “pictures and some sexual stuff at Glenn Springs Lake,” she said, “There’s no case– just people talking.”

When we asked Tipton County Schools about the district’s investigation, they said, “We are unsure if the conversation was first initiated with the Superintendent or law enforcement; however, law enforcement should have that information if you would like to follow up with them. Our investigation was suspended as per law enforcement’s request.”

In court last month, prosecutors played a recording of McCommon reportedly talking to a male voice on the phone.

“We don’t have to talk anymore just please God tell me you’re not going to say anything. I’ll never speak to you again,” she said in the phone call.

Her attorney said he cannot confirm that’s her, but prosecutors said she went on to suggest she’s pregnant with an alleged victim’s child.

“I can raise this baby. I can do this,” she said.

McCommon just started working at Charger Academy but resigned after her arrest. She previously worked at Crestview Elementary and coached softball at Crestview Middle.

She taught in Memphis before starting in Tipton County in 2010.

She wrote in her application, “I want to be a positive role model to my students that demonstrates problem solving and informed decision making.”

McCommon was initially released on bond but was arrested again after police said she stalked and harassed one of her victims.

She is now charged with rape of a child, coercion of a witness, aggravated stalking, tampering with evidence, and harassment.

Her attorney said he’s requested a mental health evaluation. She’s due in court on November 27.