MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Friday is the kick-off to early voting in the Memphis Municipal election and people are making their way to the polls in hopes of making positive changes in Bluff City. 

Voters at the polls have an opinion on what needs to change in the city. Many are saying crime should be a top priority.

Kenny Hickman has lived in Memphis for more than 30 years and he says the city he grew up in is completely different from the city he lives in now. 

“Everybody says crime and there is no getting around that. In order to continue to grow you have to do something about the crime,” Hickman said.

Plenty of Memphians are making it their mission to get out and vote in order to make those changes.

“If what I want to happen doesn’t happen and I didn’t vote then I don’t get to complain about it,” Hickman said.

“It’s still a great city and I would just like to see it move forward. I grew up out east and now I live downtown. The downtown of today is completely different from what it was when I was younger, even when I was a younger adult – it’s changed a lot,” said Hickman.

Election officials are expecting more than 60 percent of voters to turn out for this election. Felicia Williams believes it should be more. 

“This is the first time incumbent is running. So, you will have a totally new fresh blood and hopefully new ideas, new initiative ideas, and more positive things that we can do. As a city we really need to be able to come together and bring these things together to move our city in a positive direction,” said Felicia Harris-Williams.

After this election, there will be a new mayor, eight new city council members, and six new super-district members. Early morning voting runs through Sept. 30 and election day is Oct. 5.