UPDATE, May 17: The Dyer County prosecutor’s office confirmed the assault charge against Dyersburg teacher Carey Sanders was dropped last week. New story is here. Original story is below.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Dyersburg teacher is facing charges after he was caught on video throwing a student to the ground.

According to the Dyersburg Police Department, 61-year-old Carey Sanders of Greenfield physically assaulted a student on April 18.

Police say Sanders was trying to break up a fight between two 14-year-old girls when he forcefully threw one of the girls to the ground. Dyersburg Police say the moment was caught on camera.

That 14 year old is Janiya Miller. The viral video brought Janiya’s father, George Miller, to tears, saying his daughter is autistic and believes the fight may have been the result of bullying.

Regardless, Miller says there’s no excuse for what Sanders did.

“And when I seen the video, her trying to fight, and she suddenly lost her balance and fell and she was trying to get up, the way I see it, and then she was thrown back down…swung back down. That’s what got me,” he said.

Janiya’s mother Jamila says her daughter hit her head on the classroom floor and said she doesn’t remember all of the incident.

“She just wants to look at the video all the time cause she’s trying to comprehend what’s happened to her,” she said.

Both of the Miller’s say they’ve never spoke to Sanders before but are firm he doesn’t need to be around students.

“Fire him…yea…because what he did to my daughter I do not want him to do to no other child,” Jamila said.

Sanders has been charged with assault. He reportedly turned himself in to police Thursday night.

Police say Sanders was processed and issued a bond pending action from the Dyersburg City Court.

Dyersburg Police say the two teens involved the fight were issued juvenile citations for disorderly conduct and released pending action from the Dyer County Juvenile Court.

Dyersburg City Schools issued a statement on the incident.

Dyersburg City Schools is cooperating with the Dyersburg Police Department in the ongoing investigation involving the release of a video from a student discipline incident at Dyersburg Middle School. DCS regrets the negative light this incident sheds on our students and faculty. We are thankful for our community that continue to support our school system.

Kim Worley, director of schools

Dyersburg City Schools says Sanders has been suspended from the school pending the outcome of the investigation and further court proceedings.