MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A decrease in gas prices sounds like good news for drivers, but WREG noticed a decent difference in prices at stations throughout the Memphis area.

“I thank the Lord it’s going down because gas was so high, I had to shake my piggy bank,” Driver Ella Smith said.

As the price of gas continues to go down, Girthia Ashford acknowledges the recent high numbers made life harder.

“Quite a bit,” she said. “I don’t get out as much as I used to. But now I can ease it out a little bit.”

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Ashford also told WREG she would go out of her way to find cheaper gas in other areas. As WREG investigated, we saw the cheapest gas on July 19 at KwikShop in Horn Lake at $3.86.

Down the road in Southaven, Raceway’s price was $3.95. The Exxon at Crump and Third in Memphis priced at $4.09. The BP at Poplar and Cleveland was $4.45, and the Exxon at Poplar and Danny Thomas was at $4.69.

WREG also spoke with AAA spokesperson, Megan Cooper, about the prices.

“The question of why, why are we seeing such a big variation in gas prices? That simply comes down to really the price of gas and how often those stations are purchasing that gasoline,” Cooper said. “So typically what we see is those stations that are a little bit larger, that have a little bit more traffic are going to see those changes hit a little bit more quickly than a station that is maybe in a more rural area and just doesn’t get the traffic of a larger station.”

Cooper also said lower gas prices have made it easier to budget summer trips.

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