MEMPHIS, Tenn.– A Memphis driver who believes he was the victim of an interstate shooting Monday afternoon says he’s angry police did nothing to find the shooter.

“I think they would be interested in catching someone who is actively shooting at people,” said Mickey Burrell.

Burrell said he was on 385 near Winchester when he noticed a driver in a maroon Chevy HHR tailgating him. He said the drive was so close he could see the Chevrolet emblem on the bumper.

385 and Winchester (Photo by Melissa Moon, WREG)

“I was on the phone with a friend, and I said this guy is crazy,” said Burrell. “He zoomed off like he was coming around and shot at me.”

Burrell said he didn’t see a gun, just the driver’s face through a rolled-down window but was sure it was a gunshot.

“He just looked at me like I just shot at you, and I was like, this is not going to happen. I’m not going to let this go. I went after him,” he said.

Burrell said he also called police and told them what had just happened. He said he was disappointed when they told him to stop following the driver and never showed up at the scene.

“MPD told me they would not try to apprehend him. So, I might as well pull over. I pulled over and waited for a squad car,” he said. “Twenty minutes later, I called back, and they said our cars are all busy.”

Burrell was able to file a report at a police precinct but said MPD is not doing enough to keep area roadways safe. He said those committing the crimes have no fear of being caught.

“It didn’t scare me. It made me mad,” he said. “I have no qualms with officers on the streets. I have problems with their management.”

Burrell said he didn’t find any damage to his car but said he knows the sound of a gunshot.

Police are looking for a driver in a maroon chevy HHR with Mississippi tags. If you know anything, call CrimeStoppers at (901)-528-CASH.