MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis man, who was previously accused of pulling a gun in traffic, is facing drag racing charges after officers reportedly spotted him driving dangerously in Whitehaven.

According to Memphis Police, officers were on a traffic stop at Millbranch and Graceland at around 12:30 a.m. Wednesday morning when they spotted a gray Chrysler 300 revving its engine.

Police say the car then sped off, traveling south on Millbranch and passing Raines Road at the “maximum amount of speed.” Officers noticed that the car had a black cover in the place of a license plate.

Memphis Police say officers saw the car swerve into several lanes of traffic and jump in front of other cars.

Officers saw the car pull into the lot of a gas station on East Shelby Drive and conducted a traffic stop. Police say officers detained the driver and identified him as 27-year-old Steven Tatum.

Tatum reportedly told officers that he had a button on his key ring that could display the proper license plate. Police say officers pressed the button and the cover came down.

Although he was able to show a license plate, police say Tatum was unable to provide proof of insurance. He was taken into custody, and his car was towed.

Memphis Police say this is not Tatum’s first offense. Tatum is also accused of pulling a gun on a woman during an argument in traffic in November 2020.

According to police, a woman was waiting at a red light at North Second Street and Shadyac Avenue when Tatum pulled into the opposing lane of traffic to confront her.

Memphis Police while the woman and Tatum were arguing, Tatum opened his door with a gun in his hand. Police say the woman turned around and drove to the North Main Memphis Police station.

Tatum reportedly followed her to the station.

Memphis Police saw officers pulled video of the incident from the station’s cameras. The woman later identified Tatum from a photo lineup.