MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Arkansas Department of Education has announced that Dr. Keith McGee has been named the new superintendent of the Helena-West Helena School District.

McGee currently serves as the deputy superintendent for the Little Rock School District. Prior, he was named the interim superintendent for the North Little Rock School District.

McGee begins his new job on July 25, 2022.

His appointment comes about a week after the State Board of Education determined the Phillips County District needs what the state board calls level five intensive support.

Those Arkansas education officials cite several problems including a shortage of licensed teachers.

They say they’re especially concerned about staffing at the elementary school. Their review found that some grade levels have no licensed teachers.

The state will now oversee teacher recruitment, hiring, and scheduling for the district.

This is the third time the state has had to take over the Helena-West Helena school district. In previous years, financial issues led to the state oversight

The naming was announced by Arkansas Education Secretary Johnny Key.

I am pleased to name Dr. McGee as the next superintendent at Helena-West Helena. Dr. McGee has an extensive background in education, which includes serving as a teacher and an administrator. I believe he is an excellent fit for the district, as we work together with the community and local board to address some important concerns and ensure that every student graduates high school ready for college, career, and community engagement.

Arkansas Education Secretary Johnny Key