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HETH, Ark. — A St. Francis County Deputy is being praised for his actions after he helped deliver a baby at a gas station in Heth, Arkansas.

After more than decade in law enforcement, St Francis County Deputy Allan Spencer has pretty much seen it all, but what happened Saturday morning in this gas station parking lot was a first.

The veteran officer was dispatched to a call about a pregnant woman’s water breaking.

Deputy Spencer is a father of four so he is no stranger to child birth. With the mother in labor, Spencer ended up pulling the baby out.

“All I seen was a little feet. And so at that time, my training kind of kicked in, I was nervous, I’m not I’m not even gonna lie about that I was nervous, but at that point in time my training kicked in, I remember that you know you have to brace the neck. So, I slide my hand down along his back to its neck,” he said.

Shortly after removing the baby boy, they were then faced with another problem: it wasn’t breathing, until, Deputy Spencer did what he’s been trained to do.

“It’s wasn’t crying or doing nothing. So what I did is I put my finger in its mouth and scooped out what little bit was in his mouth and turned him over and gave him a couple swats and he started crying,” he said.

His quick thinking actions are what likely saved the baby life all because he decided go beyond the call of deputy.

“I’m glad I was there, I’m glad I was only a few miles away down the road and if I can do it all over again I would. It was an amazing experience and I’m just glad we had a great outcome like we did,” Deputy Spencer said.

At last check the baby boy is healthy and weighs 7 pounds and 9 ounces, according to Deputy Spencer. We’re hoping to learn the identity of the mother some time here soon.