MEMPHIS, Tenn.– Dozens came together in prayer for the city of Memphis Thursday after a stretch of violence left several people dead and many concerned about their safety.  

Fresh off a shooting spree in Memphis, which left three injured and four dead, a local church is coming together in prayer in the Bluff City.

“We are hoping that God will hear our prayer, hear our children prayer, and then heal our land. Our children need to be healed from the violence in our city,” said pastor Orlester Johnson.

The suspect, who police say shot seven people, was only 19 years old. This incident is one of many that has involved youth in the city, which is why the focus of tonight’s event was praying for the future generation.

Among the speakers at the event was Christian Stinson who believes prayer changes things.

“Every single time I’m having trouble with something I pray to God that will happen with magnificent speed for me,” Stinson said.

At just 11 years old, he is trying his best to remain optimistic amid the adversity that has impacted Memphians.

“Everything is gonna be alright for everyone if they are feeling worried or anything, they should just call to God and he will answer your prayers,” Stinson said.

It’s a message echoed by many in the congregation as they remain hopeful that better days are on the horizon.

“I think that gives us hope because truly we’re in a need to believe that there is help on the way,” said Pastor Johnson.

This event was one of many that has occurred over the last few days as Memphians are turning to their faith during times of trials.