MEMPHIS, Tenn. — An alleged carjacking suspect led officers in Arkansas on a chase after he was spotted in a vehicle stolen from a gas station in Downtown Memphis, and TV cameras for a reality show were rolling during the police pursuit.

Police say the vehicle belonged to John Ehemann, and was stolen on October 9 from a gas station on Riverside Drive. The story was covered by WREG.

Ehemann says a family member watched this all play out on a live broadcast of a show called “On Patrol: Live.

“What are the chances he’s going to be over in Arkansas during a live TV show?” Ehemann said.

In video captured by the TV crews, a white truck can be seen on video driving into the woods on I-40 in Hazen, Arkansas, about 45 miles from Little Rock.

Video footage shows a man in a reflective vest jump out of the truck and take off running. Behind him are police officers and a camera crew filming for a show that patrols the streets with officers.

The man, identified as 32-year-old Manuel Romero of Holly Springs, Mississippi, then swims across the creek to avoid a K-9 being deployed.

Officers eventually take him into custody. He then tells officers he has money, a knife, and a screwdriver in his possession. He also says he needed a truck for work and was heading to meet family in Denver, Colorado.

“Oh, I was stunned. I mean, I couldn’t believe it was true, to be honest with you. You know, it’s hard to visualize this being live TV and him actually being caught,” said Ehemann.

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WREG reached out to the Memphis Police Department to get more information on this case. We are waiting to hear back.