MEMPHIS, Tenn.– Some Downtown Memphis residents say they are finding it tough to warm up from the cold temps we’ve seen this week.

Residents at Indigo Riverview Apartments, formerly known as Renew Riverset Apartments, said Wednesday was day five with no heat, hot water, or stove. It’s been going on since Friday when residents said they saw multiple fire trucks outside the building. 

They later learned there was a gas leak in the building, and maintenance has since come through and disconnected everyone’s gas lines while they work to fix the problem. 

Residents Keith and Chiquita Kimbrough said they were never notified, and only knew there was an issue when they realized their services were shut off. 

“We didn’t know, we still had no clue. And then when we did get a notification, it says, ‘As you know…’ We did not know that there was a gas leak. That’s how we found out,” Chiquita said.

Fast forward to now, residents are still left in the cold. 

The Kimbroughs said they’ve been forced to eat nearly every meal at nearby restaurants, and they have to take their clothes to a laundromat since the driers aren’t working- both of which have become costly. 

“What’s going on now, they’re encouraging us to use the microwave to get hot water, so we’re being encouraged to do that. Not all of us have microwaves to do that,” Chiquita said.

Residents said management has offered them pizza if they want a hot meal, and tickets to use the shower across the street at the YMCA. 

“Then we get this nice little email, suggesting the solution is going to the YMCA to take showers there. Give us a little ticket and go take showers there. I’ve never heard of anything like that in my life,” Chiquita said.

The Kimbroughs also had to purchase space heaters to keep the apartment at a comfortable temperature. Other tenants who sent us pictures say the temperature inside their apartments has dropped below 60 degrees.

However, the Kimbroughs said this isn’t enough and they think management should pitch in for a hotel until the problem is fixed. 

“That would be somewhat of a solution because I’ve reached out to my rental insurance to see if they will cover that because if they cover that, great. But if they don’t, now what? Another expense,” Chiquita said.

Residents said they haven’t heard when their services might be restored. 

We reached out to Ascent Residential, which owns the property, but so far they have not responded to our request for comment.