MEMPHIS, Tenn. — At least five utility poles were knocked down by winds along Riverdale Road on Wednesday, trapping drivers and leaving many without power.

Sparks flew from transformers as strong winds snapped the poles at their base and pushed them over, drivers said. Some of those lines could still be live, police said Wednesday afternoon.

Virginia McCown said she was trapped in her car for more than an hour. WREG had to interview the woman by phone from across the street due to the downed lines.

McCown said she was taking her husband home from an appointment following his cancer surgery when possibly live wires fell on their vehicle, trapping them inside for an hour.

Eventually, she was able to tell us about the frightening moment face-to-face.

“My husband said don’t get out because you don’t know what’s live and what’s not and there were metalized and like the covered lines laying on the car so we just stayed there until they said it was safe to get out,” McCown said.

A red car and a tractor-trailer were also caught under the lines. About 1,000 customers in the area were without power.

“The transformers started blowing and this lady in this red car here, she got out and ran,” McCown said. “The transformers were just all over her car popping and fire going everywhere.”

No injuries were reported.

The commotion unfolded in front of the Anointed Temple of Praise Christian Church, prompting Pastor Thomas Murray to stop and count his blessings.

“I’m grateful and I give God the praise,” Murray said. “This is the first time we’ve ever seen this kind of damage.”

After the scary close call, MLGW crews were able to reunite the McCowns with their vehicle.

“We’re thankful, very thankful,” McCown said.

MLGW is reminding people to avoid contact with down power lines. They said even if you don’t have power, the lines could still be energized.