MEMPHIS, Tenn.– Two domestic-related homicides in Memphis over the weekend are a sad reminder to some that the holidays are approaching, which is a time when experts say stress is higher and tempers can rise. 

There were two domestic-related homicides in Memphis over the weekend.

Memphis Police said in one case a man shot and killed his father following an argument at a home off Woodfield Park Drive.

In another case Sunday morning, investigators said a man was shot and killed off Madewell. Investigators at one point detained a woman and called the case “a domestic incident.” After evidence was presented to the District Attorney’s Office, no charges were filed.

“The holidays is a really challenging time for most people, having to go around family members that maybe you don’t always get along with, don’t always have to see but then you feel that obligation with the holidays, I should go see them, I’m supposed to go do this,” said Rachael DeSaussure, Assistant Clinical Director at Kindred Place.

Experts say it’s important to recognize when it is a safe time and good place for you or to make the choice to not go.

“And being able to say, ‘it’s not good for me to go with these family members because of all these reasons from the past, whatever that might be,'” DeSaussure said.

There are other stresses like finances, exacerbated by alcohol or drugs and added time at home. 

Martha Jackson, who is the Director of Coordinated Community Response and Special Programs with the Family Safety Center, said it’s crucial people in these situations get help before it’s too late.

“And then we just think those abusers are spending a lot of time at home with the victim or the person who they offend and so that is just the perfect storm for this idea of domestic violence,” Jackson said. “Stats tell us that one in four women or one in nine men in the United States will experience some form of domestic violence in their lifetime.”

If you or someone you know is involved in a domestic violence situation, you can call the Family Safety Center’s 24-hour crisis hotline at 901-800-6064. You can also contact Kindred Place at 901-276-2200 for counseling and parenting education services.