MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Two suspects are wanted after officers said they stole merchandise from a Family Dollar store.

The incident happened on June 18 around 4 p.m in the 4600 block of Knight Arnold Road. Officers said the suspects went to the stock area after entering the store.

Video surveillance showed the suspects taking a cart with store merchandise and exiting through the fire door. Police said the suspects then loaded the merchandise into a dark-colored sedan before fleeing the scene.

Chris Caldwell, the owner of Southern Pawn and Jewelry located a few businesses away, reacted to the security camera footage.

“I just think the criminals and the thieves right now, there’s no limitations to what they will do to get something of value to give them cash or money,” Caldwell said.

The first suspect was described as a five foot, nine inch man with a medium build. He was last seen wearing a white shirt, blue jeans with gray on the front shin area and black and white shoes.

Officers said the second suspect is the same height with a heavy build. He was last seen wearing a black hat, black shirt with green lettering and black and white shoes.

According to police, the suspects are also responsible for stealing from other businesses.

Call (901)-528-CASH with any information.