PANOLA COUNTY, Miss. — A woman is badly injured after she was attacked by a pack of dogs in Panola County.

The attack happened on March 19 on Camille Road east of Sardis.

A man who lives in the area said his home security camera captured footage of a woman being attacked by dogs on Camille Road in Panola County. The video, taken from a long distance, is blurry.

“Once she gets down to about this point you’ll see the dogs come out from the right then it looks like she’s trying to defend herself from them before they take her to the ground,” said the resident who didn’t want to be identified. “There was chunks of meat taken out of her arm.”

Within 15 to 20 minutes, deputies and EMTs were on the scene.

“Right across the street is where she was laying in the grass, blood everywhere,” he said.

Ann Bailey knows the victim who lives nearby and routinely walks along Camille Road.

“She had come to visit me but I hadn’t made it home yet I saw her laying on the outside and her arms, blood everywhere. She was a mess,” Bailey said.

People in this neighborhood say they have reached out to the Sheriff for help on many occasions. It’s an issue that forced this man to arm himself recently when threatened by a stray dog.

We were told some of the dogs from the March 19 attack were found on Camille Road where Panola County deputies came to pick up some of the dogs.

“One of the dogs involved tried to bite my deputy and my deputy had to put the dog down,” said Panola County Sheriff Shane Phelps.

Sheriff Phelps said stray dog complaints are some of the most frequent calls deputies respond to and he understands the public’s frustration, but the county has no leash law, no shelter, and some dog owners who don’t seem to care.

“I think that if you have a dog then you should be responsible for taking care of that dog,” said Sheriff Phelps.

We’re told the victim may have to have surgery.

Sheriff Phelps said the attack is still under investigation and charges are expected.

Meantime, the sheriff said he and the City of Batesville are working on possibly opening a shelter to address the stray dog issue.