OLIVE BRANCH, Miss. — A Mississippi minister and educator is accused of sex acts with several underage boys he knew from his position as their pastor, tutor, or employer, according to affidavits from Olive Branch Police.

Daniel Paul Harris, 44, was arrested Thursday and charged with two counts of molesting (touching a child for lustful purposes), two counts of sexual battery, and one count of unnatural intercourse.

“There’s a lot of children who have come in contact with this person,” Bob Morris, Desoto County District Attorney said. “I don’t want to comment in detail on the investigation. I can only say that it does cover a time period, I would not say it’s an isolated event with one individual.”

Harris is listed in documents as a pastor at a church at 8300 Craft Road, which is the address of Olive Branch Christian Church. A website also lists him as CEO of the Kaimen Center, an extracurricular academy for homeschoolers and others, at Olive Branch Christian Church.

Harris and his wife founded the Kaimen Center, which provides resources for children and adults with disabilities. The program was run out of Olive Branch Christian Church where the 44-year-old served as a pastor. Victims told police that they were assaulted on multiple occasions. DA Morris encourages parents to talk with their children.

“If your child has come into contact with this Individual or any individual charged with this type of crime, you need to be calm, make assurances to them that they’re okay, don’t force things if they make the disclosure immediately stop bring them to the police department,” Morris said.

Documents related to five victims were released Friday by Olive Branch Municipal Court. The victims’ names have been redacted but some details of the alleged crimes, including oral and anal sex, are written plainly.

The documents allege that sexual crimes occurred at Harris’ home, at a gym on Highway 178, and at his church. They state more than one victim came to Olive Branch Police with the accusations on May 1.

Harris is facing multiple charges ranging from molestation and sexual battery. As the investigation continues, Morris says they are committed to ridding their county of predators.

“If a person is considering coming to this county to victimize or prey upon children or adults, but mainly children, in this particular type of case, if they are intending to do that, they should decide to go elsewhere,” Morris said.

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