DESOTO COUNTY, Miss.– School is about to be back in session Thursday for thousands of students in DeSoto County, and for many safety is a top priority.

Following the mass school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, districts across the country are looking at how to improve their safety plans. 

DeSoto County Superintendent Cory Uselton said his district is always working to enhance safety measures.

The district had 15 school resource officers when he initially got on the job in 2016. Uselton says they had over 30 resource officers this past year, but are expecting to have over 40 school resource officers this year.

“That’s been our primary focus over the summertime, wanting to make sure that all of our schools are covered with a law enforcement official,” Uselton said.

His team also met with principals at the beginning of the summer to see if school buildings needed any other upgrades to things like entrances. 

“So our maintenance team has been working on that throughout the summer as far as checking on doors and things of that nature,” Uselton said.

Uselton said all DeSoto County law enforcement agencies have been collaborating for school safety. 

He also encourages parents to be vigilant as well and if any safety concerns come up during the year to not hesitate to reach out to the schools.