MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Multiple Shelby County Sheriff’s deputies are recovering after being attacked by a pair of dogs on Tuesday.

All of those deputies were treated for injuries at the scene but we don’t yet know how badly they were hurt.

Deputies were called to a mobile home on Bethuel Road in Millington Tuesday morning to do a welfare check on Lockett.

The deputies say the suspect, James Lockett, confronted them with a knife and hatchet.

Deputies say he told them he would lunge at them if they entered his home and the only way he would leave is in a body bag.

Jeffrey Crabtree says he’s known Lockett for a few months, and he’s not surprised by Lockett’s actions.

“He’s an alright guy but every once in a while, he does go off the rails a little bit, thinking that somebody’s out to get him,” Crabtree said.

Court documents say deputies were called to this location because the caller was concerned for Lockett’s mental health. People who live on the property tell me Lockett’s been struggling with mental illness for quite some time.

According to court records, he tried to sic his dogs on the officers multiple times.

Eventually, the officers convinced Lockett to drop his weapons, but as they moved in to arrest him, the dogs attacked the officers until one of them shot and killed both animals with a service pistol.

“The dogs have always been treated well. It’s just I don’t understand why they were so aggressive,” Crabtree said.

The 32-year-old suspect now faces multiple charges, including six counts of aggravated assault.

He is expected to be in court Wednesday morning.