UPDATE: Clarksdale Police said the truck was recovered in a wooded area in the 400 block of Illinois Street, but no arrests have been made. If you have any information, call CPD at 662-621-8153.


CLARKSDALE, Miss. — Three masked gunmen robbed a church deacon and stole his truck. To make matters worse, the crime went down in front of the deacon’s 10-year-old grandson Tuesday night after revival.

There is no doubt Robert Irons, a deacon at New Jerusalem MBC in Clarksdale, is a man of faith. Tuesday night his faith was tested by three masked gunmen.

“They came from around this corner, this side road here. Came from around that corner with guns,” Irons said.

Irons, who had his 10-year-old grandson with him, had just locked up following the church’s fall revival.

“All of a sudden they rushed up to me and said, ‘You know what this is, right.’ I threw my hands up in the air and I said, ‘Don’t hurt us, take what you want,'” Irons said.

Irons says the three, armed with pistols and a long gun, frisked him, got cash, his wallet, and fishing license and the keys to his 2021 Toyota Tundra.

“They snatched my keys and said, ‘Start that truck up’ and he said, ‘If that truck don’t start up it’s over with for you’ and I said, ‘Well it should start up,'” Irons said.

Irons says while waiting for his truck to crank, his fear was replaced by faith.

“God’s spirit came from the crown of my head down to my feet, and when I felt it in my feet the truck started up,” Irons said.

The suspects took the truck and even the 10-year-old’s cell phone and drove away, leaving the deacon and his grandson unharmed.

Even though those suspects wore masks, Irons could tell from their voices they were young and said it was not too late for them to change.

“I want to tell the world if you’re not anchored in the Lord, I advise you to get anchored in the Lord,” Irons said.

Irons tells us his driver’s license, veteran’s VA card, and some other documents were found not far from his church Thursday.

Anyone with information on the suspects involved is urged to call the Clarksdale PD at (662) 621-8151.