MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The man accused of shooting a well-known Beale street vendor in the head was in court Tuesday, but the District Attorney’s office wants him back behind bars.

Archie Mays walked into a courtroom as a free man, out of jail on a $150,000 bond.

Judge Ronald Lucchesi said they are asking for a preliminary hearing on Mays on June 16. The DA’s office hopes the evidence presented during that hearing will be enough to put Mays back in jail.

“Following the hearing after your honor has heard the proof, we are going to ask that we re-examine on bond,” said Lucchesi.

This means Archie could get another bond hearing. In a statement to WREG, the DA’s office wrote: “Today our office requested a preliminary hearing and also gave notice to the defendant, Archie Mays, that we will be asking the judge to examine the bond after the preliminary hearing. There are specifics of this investigation that we plan to address with the judge during this time. “

Bond amounts have been a hot topic not just in Shelby County but also at the state level. After Mays posted bail, Tennessee Speaker of the House Cameron Sexton tweeted, “The new bail system in Shelby County has turned 201 Poplar into a revolving door for criminals — We need to fix this.”

Last week, Shelby County Commissioners signed off on a resolution allowing only judges to set bail for those accused of Class A and B felonies, as well as some aggravated assault charges.

2023 Memphis murder and homicide map

In Downtown Memphis, where Mays is accused of shooting his victim, MPD reported three homicides this year alone, with an additional 168 aggravated assaults.