MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Several cars were caught on camera blocking the road and doing donuts in the middle of a Frayser neighborhood over the weekend.

Cars spinning out, doing donuts, people hanging out windows, and cheers from a crowd was the scene at the intersection of Overton Crossing and James early Sunday morning. 

The person who shared the video wants to remain anonymous but says he was waiting at the intersection for nearly an hour until the chaos ended and he could drive through. 

This incident, one of three happening this weekend in Memphis, has people in the community on edge. People we spoke with say this is a common issue here in Frayser. 

Ebony Turnage lives on Overton Crossing with her daughter, Harmony. She said the reckless driving in the area worries her every day, especially as the mother of a young daughter. 

“It’s a really big concern. A really big concern. If someone is crossing the street, a baby, you never know what kind of devastation you can do to a child. Just be mindful and be careful,” Turnage said.

Three separate incidents including these types of stunts happened within ten miles over the weekend. In one of those incidents, people were injured. 

Right now, it’s not clear if these incidents are related. 

“We all gotta use the roads so we’ve got to be respectful of each other. Somebody could lose their life or somebody’s car,” said resident Malik Williams.

Memphis Police do not have any reports on file about this particular incident. However, if you look at the video closely, it does appear officers responded. 

Officials with MPD said no arrests or injuries were reported.