CORINTH, Miss.– Wednesday’s storm left its mark across Alcorn County, but most dramatically in Corinth, where high winds ripped away roofing and brought trees and power lines down.

“By the grace of god she’s alive. There’s one, little bitty hole that she was in. Everything else was on top of her,” said Johnny Harris.

Johnny Harris is talking about his 89 year old mother-in-law Minnie Adams. Adams was alone in her Corinth home Wednesday when straight line winds blew a giant tree on her house, severely injuring her.

“She’s got five fractured ribs, bruised lungs and bummed up, scratched and cut all over,” Harris said.

Despite her injuries, Adams was able to call for help.

“She punched speed dial on her phone, she had one hand loose, and she told my wife the house had fell in on her, a tree fell on her, and to get 911.”

She was rescued by firefighters and is recovering at the Corinth hospital.

Corinth’s Mayor along with other department heads spent Thursday evaluating the damage. They met with Coleman Crump, who watched his home come apart Wednesday starting with his shingles, his living room ceiling falling in and his storm door ripped off its hinges.

“I ran and opened all my windows and went to the back of my house and opened my back windows and I got in the bathroom and got down on my knees,” Crump said.

Crump was counting his blessings Thursday.

“Well, I’m glad that I’m alive for number one,” he said.

Power remains off for a large number of people in Corinth and Alcorn County following Wednesday’s powerful storm.

Ricky Gibens, who is the Emergency Services Director for Alcorn County, said thousands lost power after debris landed on the main TVA substation’s transformers.

“And it shorted those out and due to that, that was the majority of the power outage in Corinth as a whole,” Gibens said.

The Alcorn County Electric Power Association telling WREG that as of 3 p.m. just over 2,000 customers were still without power with the bulk of those in the City of Corinth.

That number is drastically down from 8,000 customers impacted across the county after the storm hit.

We’re told power crews are working to have service back by tonight. Members of the National Weather Service out of Memphis will be touring Corinth to determine if damage was caused by straight line winds or a tornado.

If there are people in Corinth or Alcorn County in need of sheltering they should contact the Alcorn County Emergency Services Office at (662)-286-7737.