SOUTHAVEN, Miss. — Horn Lake Police have yet to release details of a pursuit that ended in a multi-vehicle crash in Southaven Saturday where witnesses say at least one person died, but one woman caught the aftermath on camera.

Witnesses said at least one person died.

Veronica Saulsberry works at a pet grooming business on Highway 51 in Southaven. She was working Saturday when a Horn Lake Police pursuit of a stolen vehicle came to a deadly halt near her business.

“We heard the crash. We ran outside to see what was going on,” she said. “We saw a vehicle crashed along with three other vehicles and there was a lot of damage, debris, people stuck in the vehicles.”

Saulsberry used her phone to capture the mayhem after the crash.

“We actually saw the police and the responders rescue someone from a vehicle, which was an entire family stuck in a truck, so they were able to get them out safely,” she said.

Exactly where the pursuit started in Horn Lake is unknown, but witnesses reported police chasing a black vehicle at high speed, making its way up Highway 51 almost to Stateline Road before the crash.

Witnesses said the driver of the black car was killed.      

“It was very disturbing, I mean, to see someone lying possibly lifeless on the ground was very traumatic,” said Saulsberry.

A memorial was set up near the crash sight Monday. Saulsberry breaths a sigh of relief knowing she and her co-workers frequently cross Highway 51 to go to the Dollar General store and could have easily been in harm’s way.

“You have a sense of gratitude, grateful that you weren’t involved, but your heart goes out for the people who were,” said Saulsberry.

Horn Lake Police have not released the name of the person who died. We’re told at least one other person was listed in critical condition.