MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Charges have been dropped against three family members of a man arrested by Memphis Police after what the family says was a case of mistaken identity.

Ibrahim Mahmoud said his cousin, Jamil Ibrahim, called the police a week ago after finding a bag of bullets at their business in Hickory Hill.

When officers arrived they started questioning Ibrahim and informed him that he had an active warrant, which started an altercation. The warrant did not appear to be current and Ibrahim insists his record is clean.

In a video reviewed by WREG, an officer is caught on camera striking Ibrahim in the face and throwing him into boxes, despite his hands being behind his back.

Ibrahim was taken into custody and charged with two counts of assault against a first responder. Officers also charged three of his relatives with disorderly conduct after investigators say they declined to follow orders.

District Attorney Steve Mulroy said Tuesday that most charges had been dropped, except against Jamil Ibrahim. Mulroy said video of the incident showed “questionable behavior” by Ibrahim and the officer, and said MPD is conducting an internal investigation.

“We have some concerns about Mr. Ibrahim’s behavior in the altercation and also the arresting officer’s behavior,” Mulroy said.

The family members were released from jail, though Ibrahim had to post bond.

The incident sparked protests in front of 201 Poplar.