MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Shelby County District Attorney discussed Tuesday what can be done to prevent accidental shootings as more children will be home alone during the summer months.

In 72 hours, five children were injured or killed in what police are calling “accidental shootings” in the Mid-South. 

Memphis Police told us two 16-year-old boys and a 13-year-old boy were injured in an accidental shooting in Orange Mound Monday night. They’re expected to survive.

One of the teens was issued a juvenile summons for possession of a handgun. 

The same day, in Tipton County 18-year-old Logan Wall is accused of accidentally shooting another teenager while making a Snapchat video.

Then just two days before on Saturday, police in Collierville said a 3-year-old boy got his hands on a gun inside a car and accidentally shot himself. Sadly, the little boy didn’t make it. 

Shelby County District Attorney Steve Mulroy discussed the shootings Tuesday. 

“It’s a tragedy when a child is playing with a gun and an accidental shooting results,” said Mulroy. “I think it just highlights the need for repealing permitless carry and for better, sensible gun regulation.” 

He is calling for trigger locks, permits, requirements to store guns safely both at home and in vehicles, and extreme risk orders of protection.

“No reasonable person should be opposing these things and we should all be affirmatively addressing them at every legislative level both federal and state,” he said.

Mulroy called the case involving the three-year-old “pending” and could not comment about possible charges.