MEMPHIS, Tenn.– Cummings K-8 students will have to wait a little longer before going back to their school.

MSCS announced Wednesday that Cummings K-8 students will continue classes at LaRose Elementary next week, Aug. 22 – 26, while the district works to determine when they will reopen Cummings.

Teams have been at the school since part of the ceiling collapsed in the school’s library on Monday. City and code enforcement were on site to review the damage.

District officials previously said the building was built in 1961 but the district said Wednesday building the library is in was previously used as an auditorium back in 1930. The drop ceiling was installed in 1982.

The district said an engineer is reviewing the part of the building where the drop ceiling fell and the rest of the school. They have begun reviewing all buildings with drop ceilings that are older than 70 years.

The district said they are “consulting all necessary agencies and authorities” before deciding when students will return to Cummings.

MSCS said Deputy Superintendents Angela Whitelaw and John Barker have checked on a Cummings staff member that went to the hospital and reach out to the two other employees who were treated on Monday.