MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis Police responded to a car crash around midnight Thursday at East Raines Road and Hickory Hill.

Police said that one person was pronounced dead on the scene and three others were injured. One person was taken to the hospital in critical condition and the other two were taken for treatment in non-critical condition.

One man who has worked in the area for several years told us, sadly this intersection continues to be a crash magnet. Charles Times – who knows the area well – said he has witnessed something similar many times over.

“I have never seen an intersection like this in my life… there is always a wreck,” Times said.

This happened at the intersection of East Raines and Hickory Hill, just feet from Mr. Times’ business.

“Everytime I look out the door there is a wreck,” Times said.

Detectives said a 37-year-old driver traveling Northbound along Hickory Hill hit the left side of the vehicle in which a 51-year-old was driving.  That driver was rushed to the hospital, fighting to survive. Sadly, the 37-year-old died at the scene.

Even more disturbing, is the fact inside the vehicle with the 51-year-old left critically injured, were two children ages 13 and 6. Both were taken to the hospital, and both expected to be okay.

“It’s fast up and down a lot of racing… fast cars everybody is trying to beat the light… but boom,” Times said.

Mr. Times called this intersection dangerous, but he also said it’s disheartening knowing two children were involved.

“There’s no rush, you have turning arrows… yellow lights they keep going. Boom, that’s what happens,” Times said.

He’s hopeful things will begin moving in the right direction going forward.

The cause of the crash remains under investigation. WREG will update as more information becomes available.