COVINGTON, Tenn. — A former Tipton County teacher who was arrested on a rape charge is now facing new criminal charges.

According to the Covington Police Department, 38-year-old Alissa McCommon, who was arrested on rape of a child charge earlier this month, is now charged with coercion of a witness, aggravated stalking, tampering with evidence, and harassment.

McCommon, a former teacher at Charger Academy, was first arrested on September 8 after she was accused of having inappropriate conduct with students. The police department said that multiple victims under the age of 18 claimed that McCommon had sent them inappropriate photos and “requested sexual relations” with them.

Covington Police say McCommon posted bond after her arrest and was released on the condition that she have no contact with a victim or any minors other than her own children.

“The judge allowed her to be free on bond and a condition of her bond is that she had no contact with any of the victims or any children other than her own children,” said Covington Police Chief Donna Turner.

According to Covington Police, on Tuesday the Criminal Investigation Department received a tip stating that McCommon used a “previously unknown phone number” to contact a victim.

“A Trac phone or a ‘”‘throw phone’, some people refer to it.,” Turner said. “It’s a phone that does not have the normal filings through Verizon, T-Mobile, something like that.”

Police say McCommon texted a victim using a specific code word that she had previously used to confirm that the victim was alone. McCommon allegedly sent the victim multiple texts saying that he would “regret doing this.” Covington Police say McCommon also admitted to having a sexual encounter with the victim.

“It was in the text messages that he would regret going through with the investigation,” Turner said.

McCommon was arrested at her Covington home Thursday, according to police. She is now being held without bond.

“The actions of McCommon are not only appalling, but CPD is also concerned about this apparent violation of her bond conditions,” Turner said in a statement released Thursday. “Due to the nature of the communications, we are concerned others may have been contacted. We will continue to seek the revocation of McCommon’s bond, as well as aggressively prosecute the additional charges that continue to develop.”

McCommon appeared in Tipton County General Sessions Court Friday where Judge William Peeler recused himself from hearing the matter.

“Because Ms McCommon’s husband was a former deputy as well as a bailiff in his court,” said McCommon’s attorney Bryan Huffman. “So once the charge came up he recused himself and the judge that’s hearing the case is a General Session judge out of Haywood County.”

McComon’s attorneys say their client maintains her innocence.

“We just stand by what we said before,” said attorney Jere Mason. “We just ask that the public reserve judgment and let the judicial system do its job.”

McCommon’s bond revocation hearing is set for Tuesday.