COVINGTON, Tenn. — A video of a dog being tased is one of two videos from Covington that are getting a lot of attention on Facebook.

Monday, our cameras were rolling when a dog that had been chased, tased, and taken to the animal shelter by police arrived back home. Two separate videos posted on Facebook shows a part of what led to the dog being locked up.

Covington police say they received a report Saturday of four aggressive dogs running through a neighborhood off Maple Street.

In a 15-second video released by police, you can see several dogs and hear an officer saying “get back.”

The dog’s owner says the video police released doesn’t tell the whole story.

Holly Johnson admits her dogs did get out while she was at work but says they are not aggressive, and the officer was standing on her mother-in-law’s porch.

“They know he doesn’t belong there. They are barking at him saying you know you are not supposed to be here, but they are not being aggressive,” Johnson said.

Police say multiple officers and animal control worked together to get the dogs. After 45 minutes, two dogs made it back home, and at one point an officer tased one of the dogs.

“They noosed her and tased her for way too long, even when she was on the ground and they should not have done that,” Johnson said.

When Johnson talked with police, they told her they used a taser because they were in fear for their lives. Officers claim the dog was not hurt.

“I am thankful for the quick response of our CPD officers and the Covington Animal Control Staff to secure the animals without a citizen or other animals being hurt,” Police Chief Donna Turner said in a Facebook post.

“In reviewing the body camera footage of the incident and speaking to the witnesses on N. Maple Street, the officers and citizens would have had justification to have used deadly force on the aggressive acting animals; however I am proud they chose the less lethal response to tase the animal to assist Animal Control staff to properly restrain the animal and not be injured during the restraining procedure. Thank you to our officers, first responders and support staff who certainly kept this community safe during this incident,” Turner wrote.

Johnson said that response was “a complete and total lie of what happened. It’s not what happened and it’s crazy. This one right here is a baby and she would never hurt anybody,” Johnson said.

The homeowner said seeing the doorbell camera video and hearing what appeared to be the officer laughing while tasing the dog is what bothered her.

“Anybody who laughs at any animal in pain is sick,” Johnson said.

The dogs’ owner, Matthew Alford, was cited for violation of the leash law. The dog that was tased was the only one taken to the animal shelter.